Who is the “Conservative Biker”?

White background tread

He is Tom “PiR8″ Tinney.

He is a child of the 1960’s that stopped buying into the Hippy BS when he saw what the government was taking out in taxes and throwing out by the truckload to lazy people with their hands out.

He is a Biker, and all that entails. You know the type…values, morals, a belief that Big Gov is THE problem and you are responsible for you and your actions. You still like to ride hard, look at naked boobies, drink JD and appreciate cool bikes. He is about the rides and  the Brotherhood. “Don’t Tread on me” is more than a saying, it’s a lifestyle. Oh, and he has enough skeletons in his closet to build ten compete dinosaurs for the museum of natural history.

He is a writer. He has edited and contributed to Biker Magazines. He has written short stories and Novels in various genre’s. He is an independently self-published author that is part of the largest revolution in publishing since the invention of the printing press. (He also runs the www.bookreviewcoop.com website.)

He is a Conservative, and that does not mean “Holier than thou”. It does not mean Republican (especially based on today’s party). It’s a state of mind where he has acknowledged that his rights end where yours begin…but yours definitely end where his begin.

Because of his “variety” of talents, this blog and its posts are in four categories.

PiR8 the Author

PiR8 the Biker

PiR8 the Conservative

And PiR8 Productions for supporting published works.

Yes, they are all elements of one guy, but we split them so his fans can enjoy them separately (or together…if you have the stones for it).

Ride Safe. Ride Often.

Tom "PiR8" Tinney